All about me ...

Imagine a cross between Rosemary Clooney and Nat King Cole, add a dash of Ella Fitzgerald and you might get some idea of Jennifer's smooth contralto voice. One part Sandi Patti wannabe, one part "Starlight Lounge" singer, Jennifer has her own unique sound and style.

Think old standards with lush orchestrations … think love songs that will make you swoon … think worship that will move you ... sometimes to tears … think … wow! From incredibly intimate worship to sultry "bring down the house" old jazz standards, Jennifer delivers it all with her own unique blend of warmth, wit and style.

A native of California, Jennifer began writing poetry at seven years old. At eight her parents bought her a piano. Those lessons lasted until junior high where she discovered she loved singing more. In college, Jennifer taught herself guitar and began writing music and singing for friends. To date, she has composed more than 60 songs and hundreds of poems. She has fond memories of beginning her singing "career" by playing guitar and singing at local establishments on "amateur night." Receiving high marks for talent, she was admonished by judges to "lose the gum!" She did ... however a paid career in music eluded her (and still does!) and for years she was content to sing in the shower, karaoke with family and join the church choir.

Jennifer's desire now is to share God's love and healing with others, through her music, poetry and personal testimony. She works full time as Office Manager at Antioch Church on The Rock in Antioch, California, where she has been a member for 25 years. She has enjoyed singing with the choir there as well as performing special music and singing/speaking at church functions. She has traveled to other Northern California and Central Valley churches to sing for women's retreats, worship services and special events and sings locally in the community as well.

Jennifer has a special heart for seniors, which works well with her love of the old standards. She is always working on new material to "take on the road"  to convalescent hospitals, assisted living facilities and senior residences in the community. Click here to see what people are saying about her current program.

Between her day job at Antioch COTR, being active at church and caring for five rescue dogs, Jennifer recently published her fifth book of inspirational poetry, "Living Water." (Two of her past books, "On Bended Knee" and "The Easier Yoke" are now out of print. "Fashioned for Eternity" and "Sweet Surrender" are still available ... click here.)

Jennifer resides in Northern California with her husband, Steve, to whom she has been happily married for 28 years.

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